Comparable to Windows, Microsoft has generated a Safe Mode feature into its popular productivity suite, Office. If you're running into issues where documents crash the software program after you open them, is dependent upon can't save, it's often better to open in Safe Mode as well as begin troubleshooting there.

Once in Safe Mode, the applications load a stripped-down sort of the software with not a toolbar, customization options, add-ons, or extensions. These, many times, are the culprits. But unfortunately, you'll never figure that out in case you can't open the diet plan and disabling them separately until you find out cause of hoaxes difficult.

In the Cortana search bar, type Run and then click the first result to open a Run dialog. Or, just press Windows + R.

Type one of the most following commands (dependant on which program you're eager to open): winword (Word), excel (Excel), powerpnt (PowerPoint), outlook (Outlook), mspub (Publisher), visio (Visio). The string often is the program you opt for, followed by a spot, and then /safe. One example is: winword /safe would open Word in Safe Mode.

Press OK to launch the software and begin troubleshooting.