Microsoft has released one version of Office 2013 and its quickly different versions. If you are preparing to upgrade from Office 2010 along with other version, you can check out our owner's manual for upgrade it. Including the previous sort of Office suite, Office 2013 also aids you choose a theme and background to the apps.

Office 2013 has two options when it comes to atmosphere about the product and apps. First is Office background your next you are Office Theme. To boost these options, Select File tab and select Account on the Office backstage options. Here you will discover the 2 2013 background

A credentials, including the Spring background even on a dark gray theme below, adds a little interest to reach the top right corner with the Office 2013 programs.

office 2013 background2

When you have change up the background, every computer relating to your Office Account will use the same thing background.

office 2013 spring

If you'd much like a little variety, it's possible to switch the color scheme (referred to as theme) in your Office programs.

office 2013 theme

Whenever you have Office programs on other computers connected the account, they'll all use the theme you picked. But case you will want to utilize theme only on this subject computer, you'll want to create use of what you can do. Click File > Options and Under Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office, choose an Office Theme. Specifically the Office programs inside of this computer will use the theme.