Coship is Microsoft's partner in China that develops and produces the Windows phone for consumer market where country.

Based upon a question replied on Facebook page, Moly said, "Yes, we really are thinking about the launch a smartphone with dual OS, buy office 2010 home and business Android."

This isn't always transmit mail first dual OS phone. In 2014, the organization had produced the Coship 960 running both Linux and Android; however, the nuvi were a dual boot, as the users was required to press a button to interchange backward and forward OS.

The upcoming dual OS phone will be such as dual-OS installation in computers, wherein users can come up with the operating system to merely boot in.

Currently, is not any official confirmation of this company yet with regard to the price, specifications and release date inside the device. However, you're able to expect the gps unit as unveiled after all four mainly because the company has already started engaged on it.

If the upcoming dual OS phone have the ability affect the fate of buy office 2013 standard's decline of that smartphone ecosystem, only time will tell!