The Action Center is one of the best additional features of Windows 10. That is where you can hook up to Wi-Fi, change your screen's brightness, turn Bluetooth on or off, tell your machine when you quit nagging you, and change other settings that have been buried in three different places inside Windows 8.

Addressing it is supereasy, too: You open it by pressing Windows Key+A or clicking the button within the lower right corner that seems like a dialog balloon coming from a comic book.

Notifications appear towards the top, while quick actions are found in the buttons below. These types of are simple toggles tap once to turn them on, again to show them off.

You are able to collapse Quick Actions to create more room for notifications. But what's even cooler is that you could pick four of them that remain visible constantly.

Go to All Settings and tap System, then Notifications & actions. You can see icons representing the 4 Quick Actions that are visible across the top row when it's collapsed. Tap each icon to choose which setting you want to appear in that location. Close the Notifications & actions window to save your settings.

Next time you go to the Action Center, the four settings you're looking at will appear down the bottom with the pane. Simple, eh?

Now that you've learned where every one of the action is.