I must upgrade several computers to windows 10. They currently have Win7 Pro and Office 2007 Pro. I want to perform a "Fresh" install of Widows 10 and not an "Upgrade". I have created a picture of Windows 10 (1511) while using Win7 key and Office 2007 key - both Win10 and Office 2007 activate OK.

The problem, when I apply this picture to another computer it asks for a Key to activate Win10, no problem I simply make the Win7 Key from the sticker on the computer. I can not change the Office Answer to the correct one for that computer.

When you are running Windows 7 this can be used MicrosoftFixit50755.msi to alter the important thing, but it won't work in Windows 10. I've also attempted to alter the type in the Registry, however there isn't any any entry in Win10 under Office/12.0/Registration

You'd have done better to install although not activate Office 2007. The appropriate product keys could then be used to activate each installation afterwards. Having said that, you'd must have identical hardware for that imaging to operate, so I'd have thought the main one product key would work on all of them - whereby you'd just need to keep the others as proof of licensing.