Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard

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Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard

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Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard

Windows Storage Server 2012 is an advanced storage and file serving solution for any size organization that offers new levels of performance and reliability on a proven and reliable server platform.

Top 15 features in Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard

Here are my personal top-15 new features that are going to help change the storage landscape:

1. SMB 3.0:   Support for RDMA network adapters, SMB multichannel, and SMB scale-out file servers allow for manageable and scalable active/active file shares.  New SMB 3.0 innovations will enable many new scenarios; my favorite is taking an existing Fibre Channel SAN and sharing out the storage over SMB 3.0. This configuration is known as “a gateway to a SAN” and it is a great way to extend your storage investments to other application servers without running Fibre.

2. NFSv2, NFSv3, and NFSv4.1: Fantastic NFS support with performance and resiliency gains. In addition to bringing Continuous Availability for NFSv3, the new NFS 4.1 Server support provides a state-full connection with more security, less network chatter, and it is very WAN friendly.

3. Continuous Availability for SMB 3.0, NFSv3 and iSCSI Software Target when running in a failover cluster. Client users and application servers never notice that a node has failed and their session handles have automatically reconnected in the event of a server malfunction.

4. Data Deduplication: Massively reduce primary storage footprint requirements on NTFS data volumes. 2:1 savings are common for a general file share and up to 20:1 for VHD libraries. You will save so much disk space that you will have to think about what to do with it all.

5. Storage Spaces: Create reliable storage pools using just a bunch of standard SAS or SATA disks and no hardware RAID controller. Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 enables cost-effective, optimally used, highly available, scalable, and flexible storage solutions for business-critical (virtual or physical) deployments.

6. Thin Provisioning: Allows storage pools to pretend they are big and grow as you need them. Windows Server 2012 now supports just-in-time allocations (also known as thin provisioning) and the ability to reclaim storage that is no longer needed (also known as trim).

7. Fast Disk Error Recovery (ChkDsk): Scanning drives can be done online now, making CHKDSK run in seconds instead of hours. This reduces potential risks associated with deploying high-capacity volumes.

8. PowerShell Cmdlets: There are a ton of new scripts and cmdlets to enable you to automate storage provisioning and you can do it all from the beach on a remote connection. J

9. Server Manager: Server Manager now provides new ways to manage your storage environment including a single ‘pane of glass’ experience for storage and file services on standalone and clustered servers. Create storage pools and easily allocate capacity with appropriate resiliency and performance. This brings a consistent storage management experience when configuring Windows Storage Spaces or hardware RAID subsystems.

10. iSCSI Software Target:  Now available in Server Manager, quickly create and share iSCSI LUNs over the network to heterogeneous application servers that run an iSCSI Initiator.

11. Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU): Enables secure, coordinated patching for all nodes of a cluster. CAU automates the software updating process on clustered servers while maintaining availability.

12. Central Access Policies:  Imagine setting a file-access policy that mirrored your exact intent, such as "allow access by the finance team, if document contains Confidential then only allow access by full-time employees."

13. Network adapter teaming: Team network adapters together to increase network performance and availability, regardless of which vendor or make the adapters are and do so independent of any third-party driver requirement.

14. Online Backup: With just a few clicks, Administrators can enable online backups to Windows Azure or other cloud providers that have registered an agent in the Windows Server Backup.

15. OEM-Appliance OOBE: This new feature can be customized by OEMs or Enterprise IT to help deploy 2-node clusters in less than 20 minutes.


System requirement

Supported Operating System Minimum system requirements for Windows Server 2012
Processor 1.4 GHz
Memory (RAM) 512 MB
HDD free space 32 GB (more if there is 16 GB of RAM or more)

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